Mo Durheim recently talked with Kelly Cordes of WJON about Business and Ag loans. Hear how many years Mo has been with Farmers & Merchants State Bank, and how he got his start with us. Three key takeaways from their conversation include:

  • Our staff is comprised of people who really do genuinely understand the communities we serve, with some of us being farmers ourselves. That helps us understand where farmers and business owners are coming from, and the additional challenges they may be facing.
  • Our business and ag loan specialists spend most of their days helping people look forward. We help people with everything from their financial goals to moving a farm or business from one generation to the next. We also help people strategize their growth and offer them options for accomplishing their objectives.
  • We have a wide variety of tools for our customers that help mitigate rising interest rates, and we’ll help you understand the benefits of each. Overall, we’re here to help others succeed.

Plus, hear one of Mo’s best customer success stories. Take a listen to the full segment below >>