Linda Thielen recently spoke with Joe Gill of KASM Radio about the deposit products and types of accounts that Farmers & Merchants State Bank offers. Learn why we strive to provide our customers with the most secure, safe, and smart banking practices and hear which type of deposit product(s) may be the best fit for you. Three key takeaways from their conversation include:

  1. Farmers & Merchants State Bank provides customers with multiple lending options and a variety of accounts to meet your needs. We have a team of well-knowledged experts to help you determine which deposit product(s) may be the best fit for you and your financial goals. Our team is happy to explain some of the key differences between each account and get you set up and on your way!
  2. We understand the world of banking can be large and confusing, and it’s one of the many reasons we strive to provide our customers with real-time experts and banking security. Our team is comprised of business professionals with multiple years of speciality experience—and of course, friendly faces!
  3. Farmer & Merchants State Bank is happy to meet you wherever you may be in your financial journey and our long-standing community ties have allowed us to serve generations of families. Our team of professionals truly appreciates the relationships and special moments shared with our customers. We truly believe and recognize that sound business can be done in a professional, yet friendly way.

Take a listen to hear the whole conversation >>