Mitch Molitor took his turn at talking with Kelly Cordes of WJON to talk about his specialty of ag-related lending. Together they covered everything from they types of services we provide here at Farmers & Merchants State Bank to what “Because Friendly Still Counts” really means.

Key takeaways from their conversation include:

  1. The economy has been a crazy ride over the last few months. Fortunately crop prices and real estate numbers seem to be trending downward. As banking experts we keep a close eye on these trends and analyzing the broader forecast.
  2. We want your loans to actually work for you! That’s why we work with you to find just the right banking product for your needs, and ultimately for your success.
  3. With our small-town feel, we learn a lot about what our customers are going through in both their business and personal life, and we’re able to give local recommendations for solutions and resources.

Take a listen to learn more about Mitch (including his farming background) and what he loves most about working with customers.