Eric Boser recently talked with Kelly Cordes of WJON about Agricultural Loans and gave a brief overview of the different types of loans and programs we offer in order to provide our customers with the best financing options. Hear how long Eric has spent with Farmers & Merchants State bank and how the bank can help find you the lowest interest rates. Three key takeaways from their conversation include:

  1. Relationships are special to Farmers & Merchants State Bank; we truly value the connections that we’ve made—and continue to make. They put our professional team in a stronger position to work through any difficulties or successes that arise.
  2. Our team is not only comprised of agriculture specialists, but we do have a longstanding history with helping farmers find the best lending solutions. Farmers & Merchants State Bank offers programs special to the farming industry, and we also have home, business, and personal loan specialists who are well-equipped to work with you through any situation.
  3. We will help you navigate any issues that arise with increasing interest rates. Farmers & Merchants offers a variety of programs and tools, including the DTN portal; it’s a great way to keep up with current market conditions, crop & cattle prices, and further news resources.

Plus, hear how Farmers & Merchants State Bank celebrated Dairy month. Listen to the full segment below.