Improving their stock

A quick walk around the Bartchelle Dairy reveals a pretty typical Central Minnesota Farm – until you reach the barn and chat with owners Greg and Michelle Blaine. There you’ll discover a visionary couple who took their farm, the health of their herd, and their commitment to community to the next level thanks to high-tech robotic milking technology.

Between their farm, full time work, and community commitments, the Blaines are always on the go. So when they were looking to expand, they researched the up-and-coming technology of robotic milking systems. They also turned to Farmers & Merchants, where they found a bank with an equally strong sense of community and the hands-on approach they needed to finance the hands-off business plan they’d envisioned. Today the Blaines enjoy the success of healthier, more productive cows and a flexible milking system that fits their schedule.

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